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Required Documents

  1. Candidates will need to download and complete a Student Application for Admission form. (Two Passport Photos should also be included with the student's first application (Pictures should be in formal dress please).

  2. Students must also request and submit certified copies of all transcripts from other undergraduate and Post Graduate Schools. Normally these records will be sent in sealed envelopes directly from your College, University or Religious School directly to the BERIT Registrar. These documents are required to support the Student's application and in order to meet Florida State and Federal Laws for all Educational Institutions. informal copies of these documents can be faxed or scanned and emailed to the school registrar, pending receipt of formal records.

  3. To expedite the initial registration process for the student entrance into one of our degree programs , Students are asked to scan and make temporary copies to be held on file with their Application Packet. Additionally, International Students will need to make a photocopy of their Passport or Other form of Identification with their application.

    Digitally scanned copies of the student's documents are deemed temporarily acceptable, for initial registration, while the registrar awaits receipt of the application packet by mail. Note: do not forget to request copies of your transcripts be mailed to BERIT! Students may email digital (temporary) copies of their documents to:

  4. Students seeking study in our BDiv program who want to receive an evaluation for credits based on life and prior church experience should also enclose and forward a detailed resume. (This is needed only when the student is requesting evaluation for Life evaluation for credit towards their study for the BDiv or Theology Degree.)

  5. Students must make a new application (less the usual supporting documents) to the Seminary's Registrar for entrance into each new Tri-semester or Term!

Confirmation for Admission:

Upon a Student's acceptance for admission, the student will be asked to make a non-refundable deposit of their tuition to the school treasurer. (No Refund after two weeks in a term).

Please take a moment to read the additional instructions below very carefully. To apply please download a copy of our "Application & Registration" form and fill it out completely. A formal application must also include authenticated and certified copies of all student transcripts and related school documents, such as copies of Official Diplomas and such.

Once the application is completed, please return it along with all related supporting documents to our Registrar's Office as noted at the bottom of this page. We ask the Student to be sure to include (enclose) two (2) passport size photos for official use in formal student records.

Other Supporting Documents: To expedite the selection and registration process, students are also ask to digitally scan and submit their Application and Photos, along with unofficial copies of school's transcripts and diplomas via email, to the Registrar's Office address ( This practice has proven to expedite the student's application and enrollment process. Regardless of method of registration you choose ... please realize and understand that it is explicitly the students responsibility to confirm that the School Registrar has successfully received all required registration documents, before they can begin their study.

Once the student application is received, the office of the Registrar will confirm the student's acceptance at Berit via confirmation letter or email.

Special Note: It is the Student's responsibility to formally request transcripts. Transcripts, must be certified copies of these documents. No student will be allowed to continue subsequent terms and or to receive their degree without these formal documents.

You Application and Entrance into BERIT is subject to the Approval of your local church Pastor and BERIT's School Board review and approval.

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Please be sure to use the following contact information for all official school business and correspondence:

Berit Theological Seminary and Graduate School
Attn: Dr. John McCurley (Chief Accademic Officer /Registrar)

Office Address: 4156 East Oglethorpe Hwy. Hinesville, Georgia 31313

Telephone: 912-255-5225
Fax: 912-255-5229
Cellular 912-271-6456

Orlando Office: 407-567-9929