Financial Information

Stewards Mentorship Program (SMP)

Bachelor of Arts (Biblical Studies) (BBS)
$400 per term (6 terms)
Master of Biblical Studies (MBS)
$450 per term (6 terms)
Doctor of Biblical Studies (DBS)
$700 per term (6 terms)

Pastoral Degree Program

Bachelor of Arts (Theology) (BBS)
$400 per term (6 terms)*
Master of Divinity (MDiv)
$600 per term (6 terms)
Doctor of Ministry (DMin)
$800 per term (6 terms)

Payment of Tuition

Payment of Tuition is due and payable at time of "Registration and Acceptance". Student registration and acceptance will not be complete (nor accepted) until all financial obligations are met and/or payments arranged.

Special contractual payment arrangements can be made for tuition payment if these are prearranged and approved by the Registration Office prior to the commencement of classes. Failure to make subsequent payments on time (as arranged) will result in immediate termination of students enrollment and rights, and no refunds are permitted and or given.

Accepted Payment Methods: Certified Bank Check, Money Order, Personal Check (Returned checks result in $25 returned check penalty/processing fee!)

Please make all checks / money orders payable to the order of: "BERIT"

All payments are to be mailed directly to the Presbyterian General Assembly Theological Seminary (a.k.a. BERIT) Registrar at the address listed below:

Berit Theological Seminary and Graduate School
Attn: Dr. John McCurley (Chief Accademic Officer /Registrar)

Office Address: 4156 East Oglethorpe Hwy. Hinesville, Georgia 31313

Telephone: 912-255-5225
Fax: 912-255-5229
Cellular 912-271-6456

Orlando Office: 407-567-9929

For additional questions or information on policy please contact the School Office at 912-877-2997 or 912-271-6456.

Graduation Fee

A standard Student Graduation Fee of $300.00 dollars will be charged at the time the Graduation Ceremony is announced. Graduation plans will be formally announced).


A copy of student transcripts will be automatically mailed to the student upon graduation. Additional copies can be obtained when requested, however, additional copies will be at a cost of $20 per copy. (Additional postage fees may apply).

Please email or write the Office of Administration and Registration at the address above.

Refund Policy

The refund policy for those who officially drop courses are as follows:

No refunds will be provided after a student's second week of enrollment. Refunds are limited to 50% of the original tuition. It is the Student's responsibility to formally notify the Registrar and request those documents needed for formal withdrawal. Please call or write the Office of Administration and Registration.

Please allow up to four (4) weeks for the School Board's approval of any refund.